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  • Policy Engagement and Consulting

    Consultant and Coach

    Policy Engagement for Academics & Universities

    I work with Universities who want to grow their capability in Policy Engagement, and increase their profile within Whitehall and Parliament. I work collectively and individually with academics to help them build their individual profile and the profile of their work.


    Allice Hocking, Head of of Research Impact and Partnerships, University of Plymouth

    "Jo has helped the University of Plymouth to make significant progress with our Policy Engagement work. Not only has she enabled our academics to understand the complex workings of Government, Parliament and policy making; she has also given them the confidence to explore those links, build the connections and reap the rewards. Both our senior and junior academics speak very highly of her work."


    Consulting services

    I help organisations to understand and engage with Government and Parliament. I support them in getting the best out of their engagement with Whitehall, officials and opinion formers.

    It might be about selling work, or selling ideas or creating and building lasting relationships.

    I work with a range of organisations from Universities to high tech firms to National Museums.

    I spent over two decades at the heart of Whitehall, mainly at the Cabinet Office. I held senior roles in policy, communications, strategy and legislation, including a role at Number 10.

    Engagement & Interaction with Whitehall

    Helping you and your organisation to work with and engage Government & public sector stakeholders


    Explaining how Government and Parliament work

    When you want to know how government & Whitehall work & how to speak their language


    Getting impact in Whitehall and Parliament

    Helping you get your voice heard in Westminster, including Media training and Select Committee training.


  • About Jo Clift





    • I worked at the heart of the UK Government for over twenty years, mainly at the Cabinet Office and also at 10 Downing Street. 
    • I worked closely with many ministers and led complex pan-Whitehall programmes.
    • I help organisations and senior teams to understand and engage with government to achieve their goals.
    • I provide executive coaching to senior officials and top teams, and I recently trained Government Ministers. 
    • I am an experienced Non-Exec Director, recently for a large Government Agency. 
    • I have an unusually broad experience covering policy, strategy, governance, corporate services, change management, senior appointments and legislation, so I am quick to adapt to many different customer groups.  I was a senior manager for Deloitte Consulting
    • I have particular expertise and interest in helping people to overcome their Imposter Syndrome. I consider my work to be helping people to bring their whole selves to work, and make the best contribution that they can. People describe me as intuitive, supportive, very quick to understand what is going on, and excellent at getting to the heart of the matter.











  • My Courses @ Civil Service College

  • Jo Clift

    Overcoming the Imposter Syndrome Workshops

    Sometimes it's hard to remember our own worth, skills & experience. The Imposter Syndrome is very common, but can be tackled. I only offer 16 places maximum for each workshop so that you can get individual attention and coaching as part of the workshop.


    The Imposter Syndrome describes a condition where we feel that we don’t deserve the position or responsibility that we have. We find it difficult to take pride in our achievements and have the feeling that we are a ‘fraud’. It is staggering how many people suffer from the imposter syndrome.


    Did you know that Meryl Streep, Albert Einstein and Maya Angelou all suffered from this condition? It can have a negative effect on your work and the way that you view yourself in the workplace. It can certainly stop talented people from progressing at work and getting the roles that they are capable of.People who suffer with Imposter Syndrome may often also suffer from some perfectionism and a fear of failure, but they often forget to think about all the things that they do achieve and all the skills and qualities that they do have.


    The workshop covers….

    - What is the Imposter Syndrome & how does it affect us?

    - Is the imposter syndrome affecting your current role and your career path?

    - The best ways to tackle the imposter syndrome

    - Reminding yourself about your skillset

    - How to get support on the journey


    I have designed the workshop to be supportive and encouraging to those who have this type of confidence issue in the workplace. I run the sessions interactively, for example unmuting those who want to speak and using the chat box for comments and questions.



    ‘The best training I have done for ages’ Roberta (Global technology company)

    ‘Great course and presenter’ Mark (Confederation for British Industry)

    ‘Excellent presenter…she created a very safe and comfortable space’ Rachel (Senior Manager, Government)

















  • Coaching

    121 Coaching

    I provide one to one coaching sessions (currently online). Please get in touch if you would like to discuss. Jo@jocliftconsulting.com or 07904 10 88 66

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